Ayur-Yoga Workshop

On Friday, July 16th, we were blessed to have a visiting Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher Julie Jivanti visit us at Inner Harmony Yoga.
Juliet currently practices at the Ayurvedic Health Center in Bellingham, Washington. During her visit, she took Ayurvedic consultations and led a two and a half hour Ayur-Yoga workshop on Friday morning.

I was able to attend the Ayur-Yoga workshop and the wealth of knowledge Juliet had was amazing. Ayurveda is an very vast ocean of information that includes everything from Astrology to Yoga. On
Juliet's website, she has a thorough and concise description of Ayurveda, you should read even if you know a bit about the science, as well as brief explanation of the three Doshas. During the workshop, she talked a lot about all three Doshas, defining them further and helping us understand our personal makeup. We are not just one of the three Doshas, but a combination, unique to our self.
Personally I think my Dosha is about 60% Kapha, 30% PItta, and 10% Vata. There are tests to find your Dosha online, (or here, or here) these are fun, but to truly know, you must have your pulse read by a practitioner. Also the practitioner can do a much better job of using and adjusting personal questions instead of a three-choice internet poll.

Learning from her, I am able to taylor a class better for the students who show up, time of day, or month. For instance, an intense backbending class will feel amazing in the middle of February, when we are energetically dragged down with the weather, however this style of class is too draining for the hot summer months. During the summer, we should practice balance and forward bending postures to cool and calm ourselves from the inside.

We are looking forward to Juliet's next visit in late August. If you would like to learn more, IHY will be hosting a public talk soon, we will keep you posted.