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"Ayurveda is beyond beginning and ending. A science of eternal healing, it is compared to a vast ocean, and studying Ayurveda to swimming across. A true teacher can teach one how to swim, but the swimming is up to the student; …it is a lifelong journey."
~Charaka Samhita

A myriad of natural healing theories and methods exist that all seem to conflict with each other. How could they all be right? They can and they are but no one regime works for everyone. Individualization is the key.  We are born into different bodies, each with a different heritage, and we have all lived different lives. You may have practiced a system and gotten well and became a convert or didn't and moved onto the next theory. There is a need for a coherent, systemic way of understanding our individual needs and applying remedies to bring back health and happiness.  Traditional natural healing systems have already worked out this approach. If we dig deep enough we will find them all dipping from the same stream. Ayurveda has worked out the idea that people are different and need to be treated differently, as well as working out techniques to do just that- successfully. It is a coherent, cohesive theory that explains the success of the spectrum of effective health programs. It explains the reason some people get better on one diet and others need a completely different diet. The overarching concept of energy balance is the glue that holds all the various theories, systems and techniques together. 

Ayurveda will help you pursue optimal health so that it becomes a source of pleasure and energy instead of a problem. You will be able to make balanced foods and medicinal, healing, nourishing herbs a part of your entire life- as an everyday, lifetime tonic for better health, energy, stamina, and strength. The Ayurvedic perspective can be seamlessly integrated into your life. Ever wonder if your skin rash, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, balding head and weak eyesight are connected? Ayurveda will give you the tools to reverse all of these and more with a new perspective on your life. With the knowledge of how you are put together as an individual, you will be able to select your diet, know which herbs to take and what style of massage to have.

There's much to learn- and it can be easy, fun and most importantly, effective beyond even what you might imagine. You will become more deeply commited to your health - and will have powerful new tools with which to do something about it.