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Backward Yoga

Backbends are my favorite set of postures, there are so many variations, but basically anytime you are opening the heart, you are doing a backbend. Over the course of this series we will start with the basics of backbending, building the foundation to bring strength into the back body and flexibility to the front body.

In our daily life, we often allow the front body to carry and support the back body leading to caved chests, rounded backs, our gaze focused down, and our internal organs to be compressed. Our body is not designed for this posture. The skeleton does not provide support in the front body, there are no bones in the stomach to provide the support. There is, however, our spine in the back body. The spine is designed to carry our weight, to allow our heart to lift, our gaze to look out, and give our organs room to function.

Driving and sitting at a computer are two of the toughest things on our bodies. These two things cave in our front body, making the muscles of the front body shorter and tighter; at the same time our backs round and shoulder blades split apart causing our back bodies to weaken. Over time our lungs and heart get cramped with less room to function freely. Backbends counteract this compression by stretching out our front bodies and strengthening our back bodies. We give our lungs an opportunity to work fully and we give our back body the strength to stand tall and support the front body.

Back bends are also a great natural energy booster. They massage kidneys and adrenal glands, open our hearts and give oxygen to our organs. As we stretch our front bodies, we stimulate blood circulation which will assist just about every body process and improve every system of the body. It will improve the transport of nourishment, the elimination of toxins, and the function of the heart, liver, kidneys and immune system. The lungs stretch and open, allowing a bigger breath and more oxygen to our blood.

All are welcome to this series; beginners encouraged.