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MacKenzie Brosious

MacKenzie was introduced to yoga at a young age, but didn’t start practicing regularly until college. Through this initial love of yoga she found a way to relieve stress and heal her body. After trying to get all of her friends to try yoga, she got her first certification in 2010. She continued her training through mentorship and multiple certifications. MacKenzie is a 200RYT, Medical Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer and practices Reiki and Thai Yoga Massage.

Over the past few years she has managed a studio in Bozeman, MT,  done several continuing education courses for teachers and worked with students of all levels and abilities. When she is not teaching yoga, you can find her in the woods climbing, biking or skiing.

What to Expect Attending MacKenzie’s Classes

Coming into MacKenzie’s class, expect healing to be the goal, through movement, breathwork or laughter. She strives to create an environment where students feel comfortable, even asking questions during class. Classes are not strict, but have enough structure for the beginner to feel guided through class.
missoula yoga

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