What to Bring
· If you have a Yoga Mat, bring it, however, there are yoga mats to use at the studio and for purchase.
· Bring water or a towel. This is yoga, you will sweat, it is a good idea to hydrate yourself as well.
· Bring an open mind...the body will follow.

What to Wear
· Comfort is key, however, be aware that we will be inverted (downward facing dog) and baggy shirts may inhibit breathing. A close fitting top may be best.
· No perfumes or smelly oils. Some people have allergies to the smells, and they may distract from others experience. Lotions can also make the hands slide on the mat.
· There is a bathroom in the studio, as well as a curtained corner that are available for changing.

What to know
· With the exception to the 'Intro' series, all classes are open level, allowing beginners can see what they are working towards, and everyone can practice at their own level for that day.
· You will sweat, hydration is key.
· An empty stomach is easier to practice with, but do not starve yourself. The body needs fuel to function.
· We are here for you. You have questions, just ask any instructor, any question, we will answer it to the best of our ability. We are available before and after each class.

First Class?
· Arrive 10 minutes early, so the instructor has a chance to say 'hi' and you can fill out minimal paperwork.

Yoga Studios

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