Selene Tobin

selene tobin

Selene Tobin has been loving her practice since 2010, and teaching mechanics of movement and strength since 2013. Selene discovered her passion for enhancing quality of life through movement, health, and yoga after studying under a progressive chiropractor / body worker, Dr. Michael Luan DDC, in Santa Barbara, Ca. The work with Luan inspired Selene to attend the National Academy of Sports Medicine, where she earned her Personal Trainer Certification. Selene then created a career working with clients one-on-one identifying movement patterns, using innovative approaches to achieve alignment in the body, ultimately reducing pain in the body and reaching fitness goals. In 2016 Selene continued her studies under Jeanne Heilman, a world renowned Yoga Teacher based in Los Angeles, California. With Jeanne, Selene earned her 200 ryt certificate in Tantra Flow Yoga, which weaves asana, breath, ayurvedics, and mindfulness to help guide yogis in a well rounded practice. These training's sparked her curiosity about the science behind movement and health, which led her to University of Montana's Human Health and Performance program, where she is now studying Exercise Science. At Inner Harmony Yoga, Selene teaches an upbeat class that focuses on body intelligence, best described as a fusion of alignment based hatha and vinyasa. Her goal as a teacher is to inspire everyone on their mat to stay curious and have fun.

What to expect attending Selene’s class


An upbeat class that lends itself to any level, with special attention to the details. Selene carefully sequences her classes, guiding you through poses that will help you effortlessly and naturally find your edge in asana. She also appropriately weaves in principles of ayurveda and pranayama to the class, offering you some yoga to take off of your mat with you into the rest of your day. Selene has taken her training in alignment based hatha yoga and complimented it with her relaxed, bubbly personality; creating a class that combines classical yoga with fun upbeat music and an encouraging atmosphere.

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