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Yoga at Work

Yoga at Work is where we bring yoga to you. Classes are small group classes taught at your place of business in a quiet, comfortable space such as a boardroom, lunch room, or gymnasium.  Chairs and tables can be easily pushed aside to transform work space into “yoga space”. If your company is located near Inner Harmony Yoga, we can hold class in the studio if you prefer.

Whether you are a law firm, or a local non-profit your Yoga at Work Program will add value to your employee benefits program, enhance employee/company relationships, increase productivity, improve efficiency & concentration, and decrease absences due to illness. For these reasons and more, an increasing number of corporations and organizations are providing yoga classes for their employees. 

Classes run 60-90 minutes in length.  Although evenings and lunchtimes are the most popular times, early morning classes are particularly effective at enhancing your energy during the day. Yoga revitalizes your body and mind and rejuvenates your whole being. While everyone can benefit from a regular yoga practice, it is especially beneficial for individuals who work long hours, under stressful conditions, and/or who tend to have a sedentary job.

How do I get started?   
Choose a regular time each week.  Find a relatively quiet and comfortable space, and send us at email.

How much does it cost?
$65   60 minutes
$90   90 minutes 
Yoga Workshops: $75 per hour.
This cost can be paid in full by the company, or can be split so no party is responsible for the entire cost.

Specialized Classes/Workshops One great way to introduce yoga to your workplace is through a specialized yoga class or "workshop" that specifically suits the needs of your workplace environment.  Specialized classes may be offered as a once-off experience or over the course of several weeks. They may last 1-3 hours.  All you need is a conference room or communal space where furniture can be pushed aside.  Here are some workshops Brian has offered in the past...

  • Intro to Yoga - six week course for beginners or 3 hour workshop
  • Breathing practices for stress management
  • Yoga for the neck and shoulders
  • Restorative yoga for relaxation