New To Yoga?

Yoga is thousands of years old and has seen many transformations over those years. As yoga made its way to the West, it became a more posture (Asana) based practice. There are about 1,500 different Asana out there, many are different variations of similar things, and they all have wonderful benefits. For example: tree pose teaches calmness, cobra pose strengthens the back muscles, and warrior poses give you confidence. Most of these Asana can be grouped together as similar poses, and our weekly class will focus on one of these groups a week.

In our 6-week Intro to Yoga Series we will teach you not only the basics of the Asana, but other aspects of yoga as well, including meditation, breath-work (pranayama) and anatomy of the body. Each class is designed to build on the previous class, so do your best to make it to each class, but it is easy enough to learn so don't stress if you miss a class. Over the course we will learn:

Class 1, The basics: Starting with the breath, then moving into some standing postures. We will begin to move from posture to posture so you can get used to moving your body.

Class 2, Flowing through postures: We will learn the transition between series of postures (sometimes called a 'Vinyasa'), introducing Sun Salutes and a few more expanded standing postures, as well as going over a few postures we learned in week one.

Class 3, Going backwards: We will learn what it takes to bend over backward, from the strength needed in the back of the body, to the flexibility the front of the body needs. We will work our way into 4-5 different variations after a warm up with Moon Salutes.

Class 4, Deeper look at forward bends: We will already have learned basics of forward bends in the previous classes, but this will focus on a deeper understanding of them. Forward bends are calming postures that stretch out our tight backs and hamstrings.

Class 5, Twists: Unlock the spine and cleanse the body with these feel good poses. They do the most complete job of working out the internal organs to cleanse from the inside out.

Class 6, Lets do This: Don't be scared. This is going to be 75% of a normal class, just so you can see how much you’ve learned in the past 5 weeks. The class is designed to make you feel comfortable as you transition into regular drop in class at any studio.

Finishing up the 6-week Intro to Yoga Series you will not know everything about yoga, but you will have a start, a basic understanding of what yoga is and how it came to be. You will feel comfortable attending any class you would like. We will only go over 10-15 different poses each class,

Next 6 Week Series January 3- February 7, Sunday Nights 5:45-7:00, $60 for all 6 classes
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