Typically the yoga taught at Inner Harmony Yoga is in a Vinyasa style. Vinyasa refers to a system of placing things in a correct order, this was never a term used in classic Yoga, it is considered more of a math or cooking term (where there are certain steps you need to take). In the West it has come to define a fast flow yoga, and sometimes at IHY that is what you’ll find. However, we consider it more of a term meaning setting up the next pose, for example focusing on stretching hamstrings before a headstand, or setting the postures in a specific order. Every class is going to be different and every teacher is going to have a different approach. It is best to visit all teachers to find a style that resonates best with you and your needs.

Intro to Yoga
A basics class, designed for students who have never done yoga, or have attended just a few classes. Typically this is taught in a 6-week series, where each class builds on the one previous.

Intro to AcroYoga
We will use a partner to play an advanced variation of the children’s favorite ‘airplane.’ No experience is required, just a curiosity and willingness to try. This class is offered at a special two for one price to encourage you to bring a partner, though you will probably fly with a few different people during class.

AcroYoga Jam

This is a free class for people with experience with AcroYoga. We will play and help each other learn some more advanced AcroYoga practices. is a wonderful resource we use to aid in learning.

Handstand Conditioning
Every Acro class begins with handstand conditioning. It's not really 'Yoga' in the traditional sense, it's more pushups and core strengthening exercises. You don't need to have a handstand to attend, and you don't need to stay for the acro class, just show up and smile :)