Dylan Budke

Dylan grew up in Chugiak, Alaska. He started yoga when he was 14 to combat injury in wrestling and freeskiing. While he made full use of the youtube tutorials, yoga was never more than an activity to pass time during the winter. Yoga didn’t really become a practice until his first teacher invited him to her class.
Larissa Jean, a family friend and member of the wrestling community, demonstrated the potential of yoga as a lifelong practice. After 5 years of regular practice under her, Dylan went to Hawaii for his 200 hour yoga teacher training under Karin Kuhn during the summer of 2015. Karin Kuhn emphasizes meticulous alignment in asana and strong pranayama. Her Iyengar based Hatha teachings gave a good foundation for many forms of teaching. With that said, Dylan practiced Ashtanga for two years afterword in Missoula and often draws from the primary series in his classes. Since then, he has traveled around North and South America, experiencing a myriad of teachers and drawing techniques, poses and styles from them all.
During his off time, Dylan studies Biology at the University of Montana. He plays Ultimate Frisbee on the University team and for the local club team.


What to expect attending Dylan’s class

Coming into Dylan’s class, one can expect anything from intense heat building asanas, to tricky balance poses, to deep yin poses, to something new. Dylan likes to try new things that he has learned. But, he always structures the class around the students and their interests for the

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