Sadie Russell

Sadie Russell is a local Nurse Practitioner who obtained her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, where she honed the ability to tailor her classes to the desires of her students in order to best serve their individual needs and goals. As an NP, she has seen the effects of a sedentary lifestyle firsthand and brings that understanding to her mat as she strives to encourage healthful movement with deep, gentle stretching, light massage and breath. Sadie encourages the growth of her students with her authentic, non-judgemental teaching style and compassion-centered philosophy, striving to apply the ancient wisdom and benefits of restorative yoga to the systemic stress of her students modern lives. She comes to the mat with a lighthearted perspective that aims in the direction of preventative healthcare and wellness. Sadie also enjoys hiking with her two Goldendoodles, Albus and Tonks. She believes that everyone can benefit from Restorative Yoga because there “is no replacement for allowing time to pass in the presence of a deep stretch.” She hopes to see you at her Restorative Yoga classes on Wednesday evenings at 7:15pm.

What to expect attending Sadie’s class

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